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Gameplay Highlights   (2 - 4 Players | 15-30+ Min | Ages 12+)

  • Play as an exotic alien that will GROW as you play

  • Multiple ways to play and win the game!

  • Win by knocking out bosses, knocking out other players, or just by sweet passive deck-building

  • Dozens of items to battle with against your foes!


Queen Wild Style of the universe has asked you to participate in a competition amongst other Rising Stars at Golden Smile City, a decibel dynasty at the center of the universe. The prize? You get to be a Royal and rule millions of galaxies!

In Generation: Plus, you play as a Rising. With this deck-building board game, gather "Broken" Items from all over Golden Smile City, take down Royals (big, bad, bosses!) and other players.


With NO IN-GAME SHUFFLING, you will have fast-paced and unique ways to win the game.


Are you ready to FIGHT LIKE ROYALTY?

You read that right; to cut down play the time in Generation: Plus, the core mechanic of deck-building has no in-game shuffling. In fact, the card you obtain can even be stacked any way you want! Each item will be worth a certain amount of Volume Points (VP) at the end of the game. You can collect rare items and win the game without ever battling another player!

Worried about too much text? Don't worry, all the items use symbols to tell you what abilities they have. Take down bosses without all the reading!

You will be playing as a Rising Star. A mixed-up interstellar child of the universe. Each Rising Star will start small, but as you progress, you will be given opportunities to become more powerful and transform to a SUPER STAR!

Getting other Rising Stars to collapse will get you Volume Points (VP). Beat down doors of the other Rising Stars and you may just make enough noise to win!

Sometimes winning just means going for the BIGGEST thing in the room! Take on titanic bosses called "Royals" to raise Volume Points (VP). For knocking out these golden guardians, you will be rewarded with legendary items called "Brokens." Use these powerful items to tip Queen Wild Style love in your favor!