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As the "Sleeping Prince" of his people, Pinball searches the stars for his lost companion. In Pinball's culture, their only goal is to meet their Twin Flame and rejoice together in the stars. Having been teleported to the center of the universe, Pinball finally sees a way to end his journey! It's time for the Sleeping Prince to wake up!

NAME: Matrixx | AGE: 28 | HEIGHT: 2.5m

As a boardgames designer, Matrixx didn't think his games were worth much. He spent countless hours designing his game Generation Plus before being teleported. Turns out his game was real, more real than anyone could fathom. Every character he thought of was here and ready to fight against him. How will our designer fair in the competition he designed? Is he worthy of the Royalty he established?


Having been made from the war trophies her parent's claimed in battle, Libratia uses her many faces to seek out justice among the stars and defeat those who do wrong. 

After defeating a mysterious foe in battle, Libratia took a pair of golden-winged sneakers as her war trophy. Not knowing they were special, she wore them and was instantly teleported to the of universe. Now Libratia hopes to create peace in the stars by becoming the next ruler of the universe. For the weekend at least!


The best chef in her galaxy, Knock Knock had reached a peak in her cooking. Having discovered a golden box with sneakers, she wore them and was instantly teleported to the center of the universe. Knock Knock was dumbfounded by the access of ingredients and decided to go for the golden throne. Her goal? Be the best chef in the universe.

One weird thing about Knock Knock; for some reason, every time you say her name, she always has to reply with

"Who's there?"


This angry chonker has been playing video games with Matrix for years on the other side of the universe. The catch? Turns out Matrixx doesn't know his best friend is an alien with a thirst for artillery and firepower. Narwhal is guided by his Moose, his golden companion. Together they plan to become Royalty for the sake of video games, food and green blood.