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What's sizzlin'?! I'm Redd Cohen. I've been a Graphic Designer since 2012. I worked for a few companies and developed and designed many tabletop games. My work is inspiried by all sorts of of tabletop games, hip-hop, anime, and comics like every other dope kid-adult out there!

A few years ago I came into the tabletop industry and was blown away after attending Gencon one year. Once those convention doors opened, I knew I wanted to be around other passionate gamers.


I founded Off the Leash with only one idea: create different  and fun games while blending genres of play.

Here's a list of tabletop games I've worked on:

  • Evil Baby Orphanage

  • The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn

  • Showdown: Icons

  • Puppet Wars 2.0

  • Malifaux 2nd Edition

  • Through the Breach RPG

  • Kings of Artifice

  • 7 & 7

  • World's End

  • Darkness Comes Rattling